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From Feminine Care Products Manufacturer to Life Supportive Enterprise

"Aiming to ease women's daily concerns and inconvenience."
This thought marked the fist step for Unicharm.

Starting with the manufacture and sale of feminine napkins, our company commenced business as a manufacturer of feminine care products.
Since then, we have been industry leaders and pioneers, developing numerous unique technologies and products.

Relying on the processing and forming technologies for non-woven fabrics and absorbent materials developed in our feminine care products, we have expanded our businesses to encompass baby and child care, health care, household and other products. Our scope continues to broaden as a company supporting the lives of people engaged in child rearing, nursing care and housework.

There are "Three DNAs" representing the values common across the entire company, which have been developed and passed down since its inception.
With a future-oriented perspective, we at Unicharm will continue to take on new challenges.

History from Feminine Care Products Manufacturer to Life Supportive Enterprise

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Establisment of The Company


Commenced the manufacture and sale of feminine napkins

2000s to now

2000s to now


Launched MamyPoko Baby Diaper

Launched Charm Night Type


Launched Charm Body Fit


Launched Charm Pantyliner Regular


MamyPoko Baby Diaper acquired market share No 1 in total national

ISO 9001:2000 Certification


Launched Charm Pantyliner Deofresh


Launched Charm Pantyliner Double Fresh


Launched Charm Pantyliner Fresh Breathable


10th Anniversary of Company foundation

Launched MamyPoko Pants Standar


Charm napkin acquired market share No 1 in total national

Launched Lifree Adult Diaper


Launched MamyPoko Baby Wipes

Launched Charm Pantyliner Extra Daya Serap


Start operation of 2nd factory in Karawang

Launched Charm Pantyliner Long & Wide


ISO 14001:2004 Certification


Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification

Start operation of new DC Karawang Factory

15th Anniversary of company foundation

ISO 9001:2008 upgrade version Certification


Launched MamyPoko Pants Stardar size Mini S

Start operation of the 3rd factory in Mojokerto

Lifree Adult Diaper acquired market share No 1 in total national

Launched Charm Pantyliner Pure Style


ISO 13485:2012 (Medical Device) Certification

Launched MamyPoko Pants Extra Dry

Launched Charm Fragrance napkin

Launched Charm Super Slim napkin


Commenced of local production of MamyPoko baby wipes

Launched MamyPoko Preemie diaper for low-weight baby


Halal certification for Napkin, Baby Diaper, Adult Diaper products


ISO 14001:2015 version upgrade Certification

20th Anniversary of company foundation

Halal certification for Baby wipes product

ISO 9001:2015 version upgrade Certification

Launched Charm Extra Comfort

Launched MamyPoko Airfit

Acquicition of UCNWI from UC Kokko Nonwoven Co.,Ltd


Launched Charm Cooling Fresh

Launched MamyPoko Royal Soft

SMK3 Certification for Karawang 2nd Factory


ISO 13485:2016 version upgrade (Medical Device) Certification

SMK3 Certification for Karawang 1st & 3rd Factory

Launched Silcot


History of The Company

In 1997 Unicharm Corporation together with PT Purinusa Ekapersada as a business partner, established PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk.

PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk. is developing its business in 3 categories which are Baby Care for disposable baby diapers, Feminine Care for sanitary napkins and Health Care for adult diapers.

As a result of our commitment to always create products and services that fit the needs of consumers, a stable supply system and reaching all corners of Indonesia, the three product categories of PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk. Has achieved number 1 market share in Indonesia.


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