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Disclosure Policy (Established in 2020)

Basic Policy for Information Disclosure

PT Uni-Charm Indonesia Tbk (hereinafter referred to as “Company”) promotes highly transparent corporate activities by making timely, appropriate and fair disclosure of information to all stakeholders, including our customers, shareholders, investors, clients, etc. The Company engages in active and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders and incorporates the opinions obtained through this dialogue for reviews of management strategies, etc. We believe this is important to the improvement of corporate value by striving to build relationships of trust with our stakeholders.

Standards for Information Disclosure

The Company complies with the Financial Services Authority and all other laws/regulations and rules determined by the Indonesia Stock Exchange and makes timely, appropriate and fair disclosure of information.

The Company actively discloses information that does not fall under the above laws/regulations and rules, etc., that is deemed to be useful information to our stakeholders and leads to the promotion of understanding of the Company.

Methods of Information Disclosure

Information that falls under the Timely Disclosure Rules is disclosed through the Extensible Business Reporting Language (hereinafter referred to “XBRL”) provided by the Indonesia Stock Exchange in accordance with the Rules. Information disclosed on XBRL is also promptly posted on the Company website (https://www.unicharm.co.id/id/ir/news.html).

In addition to the information that falls under the Extensible Business Reporting Languange, the Company actively discloses, pursuant to the Financial Services Authority Rule, Chapter III (Information posted in the website) by use of the Company website, where the Company communicates important information on operations, business or assets of the Company which is not publicly disclosed and that would have a material impact on investment decisions. However, if it is difficult to simultaneously publicly disclose the information in the case where the Company unintentionally communicated the information which was not scheduled for communication, etc., the Company will promptly publicly disclose it thereafter.

Information Management

Thorough Management of Insider Information

The Company has established the “Insider Trading Prevention Regulations,” which determine the operating policy for public disclosure of material facts and management standards for internal information, etc. Further, in order to thoroughly implement insider information management, the Company has focused its efforts on education of officers and employees.

The Company implements thorough management of information that falls under material facts related to insider trading regulations and financial statements reporting information for a full-year or quarterly having a material impact on the price of securities.

Handling of Future Information

In the case where the Company discloses forward-looking statements concerning business results, it does not guarantee future business performance but does acknowledge that such information will contain risks and uncertainties. Please be aware that actual future business results may be materially different from the forward-looking statements according to the changes in the business environment, etc.

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